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Zodwa Wabantu speaks out about the hate she gets from women


Zodwa Wabantu believes that the hate she gets from women comes from a place of curiosity because she’s breaking stereotypes.

Zodwa told our source that even though she doesn’t see any problem with never saw with spending her money on revealing clothes, alcohol and dancing the night away at shisanyamas, people in her community always did.

Zodwa Wabantu

“People became curious about me because in KZN, women are looked at mostly as just domestic beings, people who just have to cook and stuff. So they used to ask me, ‘so when do you even cook for your man?’ I used to be insulted everywhere but they were also learning from me. It was just curiosity of how I do what I do,” she said.



The entertainer explained that when she began making money from her “taboo” actions, she gained more women supporters because they were curious about “how liberated” she is.

Zodwa said she knows she has male supporters because of her “big a**” and that her female fans were mostly women that initially judged her until they saw how “free” she is.

“Now they look at me and think, ‘actually Zodwa may be right.’ Why should I compromise on living my best life because of a man? Why can’t I have a good time when I am working for my own money? Why must I stay in an abusive relationship, when I am enough? So I’m loved by women, most guys don’t like me because they say I’m making women more “aware” of their freedom,” she explained.

The 32-year-old added that she recently accepted a gig at a popular strip club in Johannesburg to prove a point. She said she was tired of society labelling women and constantly trying to control them.

She said “there wouldn’t be strippers or prostitutes, if there were no customers,” and believes that people need to introspect before judging others.

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