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Babes Wodumo Received Heartfelt Letter From A Prisoner

Babes Wodumo
Babes Wodumo

BABES Wodumo, real name Bongekile Simelane, received a heartfelt letter that left her in tears from a man on lockdown known as Baba Malloy in Westville Prison whom she says is like a second father to her.

The man was arrested four years ago for shooting his wife dead before turning the gun on himself.

Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo tells Move! that she forgave Baba Malloy.“Baba Malloy made a huge mistake. If God is able to forgive us why should it be hard for us to do the same?” she says, adding that the letter made her want to do more for men like him in prison. “I cried when I received the letter. It really touched my heart. When somebody shows you love and support from prison it makes you want to do more for them,” says Babes. “When he said he wants me to visit him in prison I felt guilty because my father is the one who always visits him.” One of the things the man requested in the letter was a T-shirt but Babes plans to do free shows in prison and invite the likes of Cassper Nyovest and Malumkoolkat to perform alongside her rather.

“I don’t see prisoners as animals because they are the ones who support my music behind bars and they sometimes call me just to tell me that they are behind me all the way and that they love my music,” says Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo, who was heartbroken when she did not win at the Metro FM Awards, says this time she is not expecting anything at the South African Music Awards (SAMAs). But one thing she is sure of, she will perform at the SAMAs and she will give her hundred percent as she always does. “I am happy that Wololo has been nominated for record of the year but I am not expecting anything.

If I get something I will be happy and if I don’t get anything I will be fine,” she says. Babes added that awards are no longer a big deal for her because people who win do not deserve it most of the time. “What is funny about the awards is that some people in the same category as you win but you never see them performing at gigs. I ask myself how?” says Babes.

Babes works more than she should and has had to rely on hospital drips to boost her energy levels as a result. “I do not have time to relax like other artists who go on holiday. I am the sole breadwinner at home so If I do not work who will take care of my family? But my doctor said since I cannot rest I need to take immune boosters every three weeks so that I do not collapse on stage,” says Babes.

“My fans do not know that I get tired and they sometimes see me walking on stage instead of dancing because of exhaustion. That is why I need to drink a lot of water and take vitamin C for energy so that I do not collapse while performing. I sweat a lot and get dehydrated when I dance,” says Babes, who is busy working on her music videos for her upcoming Wololo tour.

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