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Book R9 FlySafair Tickets!

R9 FlySafair Tickets

Book R9 FlySafair Tickets!! It’s that time of the year again when you can get the cheapest flights in South Africa. The FlySafair R9 Flight tickets sale is today, 3 May 2023 from 09:00 South African Time.

The airline sent an email announcing the R9 FlySafair Ticket Sale and gave a few tips we thought were worth mentioning…

A Few Tips

  • R9 tickets are only available on our website (
  • R9 tickets are randomly placed from today to 30 November 2023.
  • All other flights are less 30%!
  • You can pay for our R9 tickets using any of our 9 ways to pay!
  • There is a waiting room designed to manage traffic on the website so we don’t go into overload. Every few minutes we’ll give a certain number of people access to our website to book their lucky R9 flights.
  • While you’re in the waiting room, why not enter our promotion where you stand to WIN free* flights for a year! You won’t lose your spot.
  • And, if you are lucky enough to get R9 tickets, share your success on social media using #FlySafairLuckyR9Winner and stand to WIN a Mauritius holiday: 5-night stay for two people at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber including flights, worth R80 000! T’s&C’s apply

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of the R9 FlySafair Ticket Sale:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. FlySafair will make a selection of one-way flight tickets available for sale at
    R 9.00 (nine Rand) on our domestic routes ONLY and excludes flights to Mauritius and Zanzibar. These tickets will:
    1.1 Only be available on the FlySafair website at and not through the FlySafair app, the FlySafair call centre, FlySafair Airport Ticket Sales Desks, or any other distribution partner.
    1.2 Only be available from 9:00 am on 03 May 2023.
    1.3 Only be available for selected departures between 03 May 2023 and 30 November 2023.

2. The sale will terminate upon such time as (i) the allocation of 50,000 (fifty thousand one-way flight tickets have sold out or at the sole discretion of FlySafair, whichever occurs first.

3. R 9.00 (nine Rand) tickets include all airport taxes and VAT, but exclude any additional services such as (but not limited to) checked luggage, priority boarding and seat pre-selection.

4. Tickets are not confirmed when selected, only successful payment in full results in a confirmed ticket reservation. As such, if multiple people are viewing the same tickets, only the first person who successfully completes payment will be allocated such tickets.

5. Access to the website in order to make ticket purchases will be limited by means of a “Waiting Room” facility, which is designed to preserve the integrity of the website and protect it against the heavy traffic demand.

6. A selection of users, the number of which is to be solely determined by FlySafair, will gain access to the website for ticket purchases when the sale starts. The remaining visitors will be placed in the Waiting Room.

7. Users on the website will need to complete the purchase requirements before their session expires.

8. Once a user completes a ticket purchase, or the session expires, they will be redirected to the waiting room once again.

9. No preferential access to the site can, or will, be granted to any user.

10. Users seeking to make normal bookings can do so on the FlySafair App, through the FlySafair Call Centre or at FlySafair Airport Ticket Sales Desks. The call centre administration fee will apply. The call center number is 087 357 0030.

11. Normal flight change facilities will be available on the website, but users who change existing flights will not have access to R9.00 (nine Rand) fares.

12. Only the Lite Fare will be available for R9.00 (nine Rand).

13. R9.00 (nine Rand) tickets are non-refundable and may not be cancelled. Penalties and differences in fares will apply for any changes made to R9.00 (nine Rand) tickets.

14. By participating in this sale, you automatically agree to receive FlySafair marketing email communications.

15. FlySafair reserves the right to suspend or alter this promotion at any point without notice to users.

16. All Standard Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage will apply to these flights as published on

The email also read: 50 000 R9 TICKETS FROM 9 AM SHARP!
Good luck to all, for our R9 sale,
may you snatch up flights, and may luck prevail.
We appreciate your loyalty, and wish you success,
we hope today brings you good fortune and happiness!
Remember to take some deep breaths along the way,
you’re going to need them it’s safe to say!
Get to our Waiting Room at 9 am, and no later,
cause when it comes to sales, nothing’s greater.

We wish you all the best!! BOOK A R9 TICKET NOW

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