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Zodwa Wabantu replies on the ‘black taxi’ issue: I’m looking after me first


As Zodwa Wabantu gains popularity and more cash flows in, she is constantly reminded of the “responsibility she has towards her family. But she has made it clear she will only help to a certain extent.

Zodwa Wabantu

“I always go home and help where I can. From the time I was 19 and a waitress, I’d go home and ask my gogo and aunt ‘What do you need?’ Because it’s home, whether it’s a back room or just a garage, it is my home. I’ll always support them,” she said.

Zodwa said the most she’s willing to do at the moment is buy them necessities despite the “other” expectations they may have, like building a house.


She said although she has no problem investing in her home, she’s prioritised having a home for herself.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she understood the responsibility she has towards helping her family and that she would never neglect them now that she has money coming in.


“I know I won’t buy them a gate or extend the four-room because it is my grandmother’s place. It is not my house. Being famous, you can always take your money and go home… go fix someone else’s house. But one day when you are down and out, they will be the same people that are evicting you, saying ‘go back to the nice places you are used to’. So I would rather have my own house,” she said.

The entertainer revealed that she is saving towards her dream home and that perhaps after she builds it, she will think about going to help renovate the house she grew up in.

“I am not ditching home. I am trying to build my own home. Maybe when I am done with mine, I might consider doing the same for them,” she said.

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