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Zodwa Wabantu charges R35k per show: Video #P#N@NI on display

Zodwa Wabantu

Although she only gained notoriety this year, she has said that she is fully aware that next year her fame could sizzle out.So, to get ahead of becoming a “nobody” she is focussed on the money.

Zodwa Wabantu has been outspoken about the fact that she wants to leave the entertainment industry as soon as she has enough cash to live “happily ever after.”

Zodwa Wabantu

And, at R35,000 a gig, many wonder what she gets paid to do.

The simple answer is that you pay for the experience of Zodwa. She puts on a skimpy outfit and does her signature dance move for the crowds.Considering she’s booked on most weeknights and does several gigs on a single day on the weekend, you can bet that her booty has bought her that 3-bedroom.

Video Here:

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