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Young rapists taught a lesson


LADYBRAND Magistrate Joseph Koekemoer slapped two men with 15-year jail terms each on Tuesday.

Ernest Sani (21) and Molotsi Nyeole (21) from Manyatseng township in Ladybrand, Free State, had pleaded not guilty to charges of rape.

Delivering his sentence, Koekemoer indicated that rape was a serious offence that invaded the privacy of women.real-men-dont-rape

“Granted, the accused are first time offenders and are still young, but I will give you a sentence that will teach you a lesson.

“You are both sentenced to 15 years in prison,” Koekemoer said.

The two have been in custody following their arrest last year.

The court heard that the two men attacked a 19-year-old teenager who was on her way home a friend.

The friend tried to fight for the victim, but the convicted men punched and kicked her in the face.

The friend went home and reported what had happened to her parents.

The men took the young woman to a local cemetery, where they took turns to rape her.

After they let her go, the young woman went straight to the police station to report the case.

The police then moved swiftly to arrest the two on 3 April last year.

Koekemoer pointed out that women had the right to go anywhere in the country at any time they wanted.