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world’s strangest New Year’s traditions


JOBURG has been voted fourth in the world’s strangest New Year’s traditions.

The Hillbrow custom of throwing furniture and appliances out of windows made it to the top five on social networking site Badoo, with users from all over the world voting.

Joburg’s destructive tradition also made it to number four on the list of funniest customs.

In the strangest customs category, Talca in Chile came in first place because locals spend New Year speaking to their dead relatives in cemeteries.

They were followed by Romania, where citizens try to hear animals speak in the hope of finding true happiness.

Ireland came next for the custom of striking walls with bread to chase away evil spirits.

Siberia in Russia was fifth in the weird category for jumping into frozen lakes while carrying tree trunks.Hillbrow1_360x240_B

Venice in Italy came first in the funniest category for its collective kissing session held on a city square.

Spain, Italy and Mexico came in second for the custom of wearing red underwear for luck. Thailand was third for its three-day water fight.

Peru was fifth in the funny category for the tradition of having boxing matches with neighbours to settle disagreements.

But Gauteng cop spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila told Daily Sun that the people of Hillbrow had not thrown things out of windows for the past two years.

“Hillbrow is becoming quieter and we have been seeing far fewer incidents. We will, however, be patrolling the area to prevent any violence and injuries,” he said.

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