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Women warned by Police to Watch their Drinks when out Partying

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The police have warned women to be careful at parties this festive season as date rape drug, Rohypnol has hit the Vaal, Gauteng. The drug is being used by rapists to spike girls’ drinks so that they pass out and can’t fight back if they’re sexxxually assaulted.

In recent weeks, a number of cases have been reported to the police in which victims of gang rapes have no memory of being attacked.

Over the weekend, a young woman in the Vaal area had her drink spiked by five strangers and was gang raped before being dumped at a bus stop.

Although she was unable to remember the events of the previous night, doctors confirmed she had been raped, and blood tests revealed traces of Rohypnol in her blood. Rohypnol is a tranquilliser normally used to treat people with severe insomnia.

The drug causes victims to lose their memory, making it nearly impossible for them to identify their attackers. It is usually put into a victim’s drink when she isn’t looking.

Rohypnol dissolves rapidly in drinks, has no taste and doesn’t change the colour of the drink, making it difficult for victims to know they’ve been drugged.

Women are advised to buy their own drinks, make sure they receive them unopened and not to taste other people’s drinks when they go out.

Vereeniging police spokesman Captain Fikile Funda has warned women who go out drinking to be careful over Christmas.

“We advise party-goers not to travel to entertainment spots alone and always to be on the look-out for suspicious people.”

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