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Woman tired of living under water with mermaids seeks help

A 35-year-old Chitungwiza woman, Lisa Chikerema, who hails from Mhondoro-Ngezi has said that she is fed-up with the life of staying under water where mermaids feed her flies, worms and uncooked fish.

She claims that since she was young, she has been living in ponds in the Munyati, Nyatsime and Manyame rivers.LISSA-CHIKEREMA

When she is at home, she can wake up and go to the river where mermaids feed her with different things.

According to the publication, the woman wept uncontrollable in front of reporters saying she is fed up with “this type of life”.

She says she now wants to repent and start going to church but demons wont allow her as they follow her even to church.

The woman also claims that at times she vomits blood that can fill a 20-litre container in a short space of time, which would be her punishment from the mermaids.

She claims that due to the mermaid demons she has lost 3 children out of 5 without being ill, all because she is trying to resist the mermaid spirits.

Chikerema is seeking assistance from anyone who can chase the mermaid spirit away.

She can be reached on the following telephone numbers: 0776 988 190 or 0777 692 188.

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