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Woman catches her lover and mother having S.EX in the car SCREAMING AND CRYING IN PLEASURE

poking in the car

It’s fine when a mum really likes her daughter’s boyfriend and says nice things about him. It’s even fine when she sits close to him on the couch and makes jokes with him. But bonking the garage? That’s not fine.

Anttonaite Mahuka told media she didn’t think it was strange when she got home and found her mother sitting with her boyfriend on the couch. After all, they were just watching tv and what’s wrong with that ? The mom always said she had a soft spot for the young man and always complimented him on his good looks and manners. But on Tuesday night, Anttonaite (22) got the surprise of her life when she caught her mother (39) and her boyfriend (22) n_aked in the car in the garage, doing a lot more than just sitting.

Anttonaite said when she came back from work to the house in Glen View Harare, she found them sitting on the couch watching TV. “I went to the kitchen to start cooking and he came to me and told me it was late and he was going home,” she said. “I kissed him goodbye but then I went to the sitting room and my mum wasn’t there. She also didn’t answer when I called her”

Anttonaite said she couldn’t find her anywhere – until she went to the garage. Then she found the stark n_aked pair in the car in the garage, bonking each other’s brains out. When they realised they’d been caught, the boyfriend allegedly put his clothes on and fled, leaving the mum to explain to her daughter why she had been bonking her future son in law.

“My mother admitted to sleeping with my boyfriend for a while. She said she was sorry” said Anttonaite. “I still can not believe she did it. I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive them”. Anttonaite said she had been dating the man for about a year and half.  “Ever since I brought him home, my mum could not stop singing his praises” she said.

“All she ever said was that she liked him because he had good manners and was very handsome, but I never thought she wanted to bonk him.”

The arrogant boyfriend admitted he had been sleeping with his girlfriend’s mum. “Yes, I slept with her. So what?” he said before hanging up the phone.

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