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Zuma : Nkandla security upgrades “My Wife Was Raped”


As many South African were angry that the President made security upgrades at his Nkandla’s resident.

President Jacob Zuma’s wife was once raped by thugs who broke into his house, he revealed.

He would not say which of his wives was raped but said it happened when he was still KZN MEC for economic affairs and tourism.Zuma

In 1999 criminals also broke into Zuma’s home, he said. At that time he was out of the country on official business.

Zuma yesterday defended the security upgrade at his Nkandla homestead which has cost taxpayers R260million. He said it was necessary given the attacks on his home.

Answering a question during an ANC breakfast briefing with journalists, Zuma said: “My homestead was burnt twice during violence. Criminals also came and raped my wife while I was still an MEC.

“Those who say the security upgrade at Nkandla was not necessary don’t know what they are talking about.”

Zuma said Nkandla is not an issue for voters. He said South Africans are more concerned about things like service delivery. He said he was not having sleepless nights over noises around Nkandla.

“Nkandla isn’t a problem for me –  it’s only an issue for ‘clever people’. During my campaign, voters weren’t worried about Nkandla. They have bigger issues. It is the media and opposition who care about Nkandla,” Zuma said.

“As a citizen I should be treated fairly. The media like to show my entire homestead but there are only three buildings which government upgraded,” he said.

The president said he is yet to respond fully to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report which recommended he should pay back the money used to build non-security features. These included the cattle kraal, chicken run, swimming pool and theatre.

Last month Zuma said he would not pay for them because he never asked for the upgrades. Yesterday he echoed the same sentiment.

“When I go to the United Nations I use a state aircraft. It is a benefit. Should I pay for it?” He said he could not be expected to know the cost of the upgrade.

“My duty is to supervise government, not to supervise construction. I’m running a country –  I am not a project manager.”

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