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My wife beats me in front of our kids


THEY have been married for 22 years and he claims that every day was hell.

And now that they are separated, his estranged wife allegedly visits his house just to beat him up.

The 52-year-old father of three from Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni, who can’t be identified to protect his children, told Daily Sun that the mum of his children left him for another man.Kids_360x240_B

He said she still comes to his house to tear up women’s clothes she finds there.

“I don’t know what she wants from me because she has another man now. My two girls were taken away by social workers because she tried to run them over with her car. I only see them on weekends now,” he said.

He claimed that the children were scared of their mum.

“They do everything she says because they are scared she will beat them, as she does me,” he said.

He claimed that his estranged wife came to his house on Thursday and started fighting with him.

“She was beating me up while my disabled son was sitting right next to me and she slapped the boy as well,” the man said.

He said he believed the woman suffers from schizophrenia.

“She behaves like she’s drunk but she isn’t. I don’t know why it bothers her that I have moved on with my life. She has opened 16 cases against me. She beats me and then runs to the police station accusing me of doing things to her. I have spent many nights in holding cells, leaving my son by himself,” he said.

“I am scared that she will one day kill my kids and me,” he said.

Police Sergeant Rufus Tema said a case of assault was opened at the Dawn Park Police Station. This was after the woman beat her estranged husband

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