Home Mzansi Celebs Who wore it Better Pearl Thusi or Hulisani Ravele?

Who wore it Better Pearl Thusi or Hulisani Ravele?

side by side

Who Wore It Best?

We love it when celebs show us how to style clothes differently
according to one’s personality when they are spotted wearing the same outfit as another celeb.

Hulisani Ravele and Pearl Thusi had a summer moment this winter as they were right on trend with the off the shoulder trend. Spotting a floral off the shoulder denim dress, these stars made the dress look different by adding their own personal touch.

Lets check out Hulisani

Hulisani in hers

Then we look at Pearl in hers.

Pearl in hersThen we put them side by side and you take a pick. Who rocks it?

you choose

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