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We’ll pay his bail – just give him to us!


The man (42) was making his second appearance in the Mamelodi Magistrates Court in Tshwane, since his alleged rape of a girl (5).

Mamelodi East residents were angry when he said he didn’t want bail.

They wanted him freed so they could teach him a lesson.


While they shouted that they would pay his bail if he couldn’t afford it, the case was postponed to 4 December and the suspect was removed from court.

Afterwards, residents told Daily Sun they had already collected cash for his bail so they could get their hands on him.

Neighbour Selby Sango said: “He’s a coward. He must come out and face us. But he would rather rot in jail.

“As a parent, I’m very disturbed.”

Outside court, residents protested with placards, calling the man a monster and a dog who deserved to die.

Residents are up in arms over a 13-year series of rapes which they blame on one man.

They say this man gets away with crimes as he comes from a well-known family and has worked as a police informer.

The man was arrested last week after the community hunted him down. The little girl was found later.

Michael Kabo, who was in court to support the child’s mother, said: “What is happening to the kids is inhuman.”