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This Week on Scandal!


Stan and Thato jet in to tell Mangi the truth about his father.

Both Stan and Thato return to South Africa to tell Mangi the truth. How will Mangideal with his mother’s deception?

While Stan hatches a plan to save his brother, Shakira and Gogo take the first steps down a very dark path in order to save Daniel. Meanwhile, someone notices Cain’s comings and goings at the building where he is holding Daniel.

Quinton finds out who his father is and what he’s doing, but where will his loyalties lie?

Back at the Ngema household, Scelo struggles to handle the pressure while Dintlefears her lie will be exposed. Will Mbuyi keep his sexual history with Dintle secret fromScelo?

Meanwhile, the Daily Skinner prints a photo of Mmadika and Kila together that sets tongues wagging. Even though the two had a blast at last week’s convention, for some reason Kila believes Mmadika has embarrassed him. While Mmadika believes she put Helen in her place, Kila’s cool behaviour hints that Mmadika’s problems are not over.

Palesa seems unaffected by Mmadika and Kila’s picture in the society pages, but could she be setting herself up for heartache?

Check out last week’s episodes in pictures.

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