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This Week on Scandal!

Mangi and Lucas on scandal

Lucas aka Daniel Nyathi comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare. How will he derail Neo’s evil plan?

Mangi and Lucas on scandal

Mangi’s harrowing misfortune leaves Lucas powerless and Lucas’ fight to protect him takes a surprising turn. Will Mangi start using drugs?

Shakira finds a way to use a situation to her advantage and to finally rid herself of an enemy. But while she gets ready to enjoy her victory, she realises it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Anzani learns of Dorcas’ interesting past and helps her choose between duty and her heart. But she’s uneasy when she hears rumours about a dark figure from her past resurfacing. 

Anzani and Lerumo have a meeting which turns out in a way that neither was expecting. 

Gloria comes up with a plan to patch things up with her mother-in-law, but needs the help of an unwanted ally to do it. She sets a plan in motion to get rid of one relative and win over another. But will this work?

Catch Scandal! Monday to Friday at 7:30PM on eTV.


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