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This Week on Scandal!


Daniel is reunited with his family and Dintle’s lies are exposed.

Daniel spends time with his family but he knows Cain is still a threat not only to him, but his entire family, so he starts plotting Cain’s demise, except Cain has one more ace up his sleeve.

DanielIn an unexpected turn of events bullets fly in the showdown between Cain and Danielwith devastating results. Mangi has to lie to the police and Eddie is forced into a corner. Mangi’s lies to the police might threaten the plan to expose Daniel, but how will Quinton react to Mangi’s devastating confession? Meanwhile, an angry and frustrated Quinton confronts Gogo Nyathi and Shakira.

Things heat up in the Ngema household. After Mbuyi humiliates Lindiwe, she enlists Gontse’s help and plans revenge. However, Dintle gets caught in the crossfire, with unexpected results.

Dintle goes into labour and the Ngemas find out the truth about Dintle’s baby.

Catch Scandal! Monday to Thursday at 7:30PM.



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