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This Week on Rhythm City – Suffocate’s Wedding


Join us as we watch Suffocate’s wedding on Tuesday 5 August at 6:30PM. #SuffoWedding . Don’t miss the action. 


It’s the wedding of the year this week on Rhythm City. Last week Suffo ended up at Puleng’s house after his bachelor party and confessed that he still loves her and not Niki. 

Suffo tries to tell Niki the truth more than once but she keeps sharing special moments about the baby that throws him off. 

Will Suffo eventually tell Niki how he really feels or will they get married even though he’s in love with Puleng? 

Join the event on Facebook and if you’re on Twitter, use the #SuffoWedding hash tag. 

S’bu and Gail get a little too tipsy at the wedding reception and end up doing something they both might regret. 

Miles Vilakazi is dying. After a second opinion leaves him in an even worse position,Miles asks S’bu to take over the company. But he was not expecting S’bu’sresponse. 

Miles asks Victoria a very big question that she needs to think about long and hard. Will she give in to love? 

Stanley Gwala is confident that he has David cornered after Lerato helped him retrieve incriminating evidence. But Gwala was not expecting the stunt Lerato pulls.  Will David come out tops again? 

Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 6:30PM to see all the drama unfold. 


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