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‘We will not vote in the next election!’


THESE residents are furious and they’re demanding a response to their concerns immediately.DSC_9102_362x239_B

On Saturday, the people of Kagiso, west of Joburg, took to the streets and burnt tyres to show their rage against their councillor, who they claim is not helping them after the recent storm in the area.

They alleged that after the hail and wind left many of them with damaged roofs, they councillor ignored them and only gave relief packs and roofing materials to people living in hostels.

One protester, who didn’t want to be named, said: “We are tired of this and we will not vote in the upcoming election. Our mums are suffering because of this.”

“We also want temporary measures to fix out roofs. If people in hostels can get help, we also have to,” they shouted.

Councillor Paul Madumo said he was trying to help residents but there weren’t enough resources. “People need to understand that we must identify the most vulnerable first and if there is any material left, we will give it to them,” he said.