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‘We found newborn face-down in toilet’


A newborn baby has survived nearly three hours, face-down in a toilet bowl.

Police found the infant head-first inside the toilet, hours after his mother gave birth.

The 20-year-old Newfields domestic worker complained to her bosses about stomach pains.


Her employers, who were unaware that she was pregnant, rushed her to hospital on Tuesday night.

Little did they know that she had gone into labour and given birth inside their separate entrance where she lives.

At the hospital, the young mother denied she had given birth when questioned by medics.

She also lied to her employers when they confronted her.

But hours later, police made the miraculous discovery at their home.

As cops entered the separate entrance, they found blood on the floor leading to the bathroom.

The woman’s bloody clothes were on the toilet seat and when they lifted the seat, police made the shocking find.

The woman’s employers, who did not want to be identified, say they were left stunned.

The family say they suspected their petite domestic worker was pregnant, but she denied it.

The family’s 30-year-old daughter told the Daily Voice that the woman said she had cramps before she was taken to hospital.

“It was after 6pm when she told us she had period pains,” she said.

“She looked like she was in a lot of pain so I told her we would take her to the doctor. She was already bleeding.”

Before leaving, the young mother went to the toilet where she secretly gave birth to her son.

“I kept calling her so we could leave, but she didn’t want to leave the toilet,” the daughter says.

“When I called her she kept shouting she was still in the toilet.”

The woman emerged a short while later and the concerned family wrapped a towel around her and took her to the day hospital.

Little did the family know that the full-term baby was fighting for his life in the toilet.

The 49-year-old employer says the domestic worker was in pain while on her way to the hospital.

“We were surprised when nurses came out and said she must have given birth already because she had the afterbirth,” she says.

“But she insisted that she didn’t give birth.

“Even when I asked her if she gave birth, she told me she was not pregnant.”

The employer says they don’t know why the woman hid her pregnancy.

“She has been working for us for six months and we have never had a problem with her,” she says.

“She is a sweet girl and she never even complained about feeling sick or anything.

“We suspected she was pregnant when we noticed she was gaining weight but she wasn’t showing and always denied it, so we believed her.”

Constables Khaya Mtwazi and Xolani Baso rescued the baby from certain death.

The cops covered their hands with plastic bags when they carefully scooped the infant out of the toilet bowl.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Lance Goliath says the mother has since been arrested.

“At about 8.15pm, Philippi police received a complaint of a concealment of birth,” he says.

“Police were informed by hospital staff they suspect the patient had given birth but she denied it.”

The homeowners then allowed cops to search the woman’s living quarters.

“Upon entering the bathroom, they found clothing on the toilet pot,” says Goliath.

“They lifted the clothing from the toilet pot and they found a baby with his face down inside.

“Miraculously he was still breathing.

“They rushed him to the local day hospital where he was given medical attention. He is in a stable condition.

“It is believed that the baby was born a couple of hours prior to this discovery.

“Police are investigating a case of concealment of birth.

“The woman was arrested and is under police guard as she is receiving medical treatment.”

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