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Wanna Hire Babes Wodumo……Here’s How much she charges..

Babes wodumo

South African singer and dancer, Babes Wodumo did an interview with Thando Thabethe on the latter’s show on 5FM.

In the interview Wodumo speaks about her line of hair extensions, how her life has changed since reaching superstardom, if she has a boyfriend and how much it takes to get her to perform.


The interview took place on Monday afternoon on Thabethe’s show, The Thabooty Drive.

Here are some highlights: 

On her ever changing hairstyles and her upcoming hairline:

When a listener asked about why Wodumo frequently changes her hairstyle the singer said: “Since I was young I loved doing things, I used to do different things (like) braids, colours.” Babes also revealed, when asked about her line of hair extensions and their release date:  “I will release it sometime this year.”

On how life has changed since reaching superstardom:

The 22-year-old says that going out has changed: “I can’t dance in clubs like before. I can’t dance like a ratchet. I can’t go to malls or anything, people will say: ‘Babes can I have your picture?”

Here’s what Babes had to say about having a boyfriend:

“Well, I don’t have a boyfriend. Sometimes I will wear my ring but I am married to my dreams” and when Thando hinted that Wodumo might be engaged Babes reiterated that she is single.

This is how Babes handles critics:

The Wololo-hitmaker’s says that her attitude towards naysayers is: “It doesn’t get to me, I sing, I dance, I get my money.”

The first thing that she bought:

The performer said that the first thing she bought with all of her cash from touring and single sales was groceries for her family.

How much is it to book Babes Wodumo:

When asked by Thando what it takes to book her, the singer said that nothing under R90 000 would do, and that for that price she will perform all of her songs in one set.

Here’s where you can see Babes next: 


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