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Update on Joburg Building Fire – 6 MORE DEAD… ‘GENERATOR CAUSED THE FIRE’

Update on Joburg Building Fire – 6 MORE DEAD… ‘GENERATOR CAUSED THE FIRE’. 6 more people have been reported dead in the Joburg building fire.

Paramedics had reported one person dead earlier today but the number has now risen to seven. One of the victims died when he jumped from the burning building.

It is unclear from which floor the man jumped, Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson Nana Radebe told News24.

The City York building in the Johannesburg CBD caught fire this morning. It is not yet clear at the moment as to what caused  the fire, said the Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson, Nana Radebe.

Joburg Building Fire

The fire brigade used a ladder to remove the individuals that were stuck at the building’s roof.

According to Johannesburg Emergency Services, the fire at the building has been extinguished.

Meanwhile… A Woman who has been staying in the hijacked Cape York building in Joburg’s CBD for over a year said today’s tragic fire was caused by a generator.

“You know we don’t have electricity or water in the building, so someone was using a generator and that is what caused the fire. All we saw was flames and we ran for safety,” Rashadi Ditriech said.

Ditriech and a few other residents were sitting on the pavement while the fire was being extinguished.

The 24-year-old said more than a 100 people were staying in the building.

“When the fire started, two people jumped from the fourth floor. Everyone was shocked and they had to run away, bra. You know what I mean,” she said.

Emergency services spokesperson Nana Radebe said seven people had been confirmed dead.

“One jumped and six other died of smoke inhalation,” Radebe said.

Radebe said seven others had been taken to hospital. Two of the seven had burn wounds to their hands and feet.

Over 50 people had been rescued from the building. Radebe said the fire had been extinguished.

Source: News24

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