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Upclose with Toya Delazy


Slouching in her chair at an Italian deli in Rosebank, Joburg, her demeanour was so relaxed, contrary to that of busy pop star I had been chasing for more than a month for an interview.

Toya Delazy
Toya Delazy

“I just came back from a holiday in Mozambique with ‘my person’. I really needed it. My schedule gets too crazy,” says Delazy.

Her enthusiasm to immediately share her romantic life was rather surprising.

“I would go crazy if I did not have a lover. Working in this industry makes my life too public. My partner is that one special thing I want to keep to myself,” she says but refuses to reveal much about her partner.

With her various television and stage performances keeping her busy, Delazy has recently added another feather to her cap. The 23-year-old recently launched her “Andro-swag” fashion range that retails at Legit stores.

“Right now my mind is already on the BET (Black American Television) Awards in America this month. I’m representing the ladies and all people from the rural areas,” she says.

Looking at her hip dress sense and her cosmopolitan slang, Toya is the last person one would guess was raised in rural Mahlabathini in KwaZulu-Natal.

She attributes her independence and free spirit to her days at a Catholic boarding school where she was raised by the nuns and being away from home so young taught her to be comfortable with herself.

Wearing her statement-studded jacket, black sneakers and a Chicago Bulls cap, she looks anything but Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s kin.

“It is unfortunate that my family lineage came out in the media. Most of my varsity friends were shocked and asked me why I never told them who my grandfather was.

“I didn’t grow up as the kid with the coolest toys or the money.

“Most people don’t know that I was raised by a single mother who worked hard doing administrative work. There were points where we struggled to make ends meet,” she says.

Her mother passed away in a serious car accident in 2008 when Toya was in matric.

“My mother always told me that no matter how tough your background is you must not reduce yourself to your circumstances.”

Delazy says she knew she had to make something of her life after her mom died. “I was worried about finances. My hustle was about making it out of the rough situation,” she says.

It did not take long before she was talking about needing another holiday. “I am not a city girl. Joburg is just too extreme for me. I need to be in Joburg for work but there must come a time when I can just fly here for a job and fly right back to my house in Cape Town to chill out. I’m an artistic person. I have never been an industrialist. I work to live. I don’t live to work.”

This and That :

Her full name is Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi. Both names mean happiness and excitement

She is an only child

She is a classically trained pianist since the age of nine

Was always a tomboy who played all kinds of sports

Says she is not affiliated to any political party. “One person in our family is enough”

Cannot drive without her spectacles

Enjoys wearing make-up, especially pink lipstick

Did not date at all growing up and had her first kiss at 17

Has been in current relationship for a year-and-a half

She admits that although she has refined her palate, chicken curry and phuthu remain her all-time favourite

Her favourite beer is “Zamalek” (slang for Carling Black Label)

Her favourite pastime is playing pool

Hates wearing dresses because she feels they make her “look weird”



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