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Upclose with Pabi Moloi


Pabi Moloi, one of the anchors on Gauteng’s new private radio station Power FM had this to say:Pabi

“The plan was to leave radio,to stop,” says Moloi, who shocked listeners two weeks ago when she announced that she was leaving Highveld Stereo after more than ten years.

“But I got a call from Mr (Given) Mkhari (Power FM chairman) who explained to me what Power was about and his vision. I just kinda fell in love with it,” she says.

Moloi will host the weekend slot from 6 to 9pm, which she says will be about “good old music”.

“It’s gonna be songs that bring out the best memories; songs that will make you go, ‘yoh, that’s my jam’,” she explains.

Moloi’s plans, when she initially quit radio was to spend more time doing work for her foundation, Kgaketsa.

She says the change of heart shows that she can’t divorce herself from the entertainment industry.

“It’s in my DNA; my granddad was an actor, my aunt was a ballet dancer and my mom was in the industry. My dad is also a singer.”

Moloi is former television personality Nana Moloi’s daughter. Her mom is also known for her role in the musical production Ipi Ntombi.

Though she started out in the industry when she was four, she says she’s still gets excited by the everyday challenges she faces.

“Different things excite me now,things like my foundation because I have the opportunity to use my work in the media to do some work from the heart.”

As part of her foundation’s community work, Moloi visits high schools across the country giving pupils career guidance.

“It really helps me to connect with people in a special way and I find that kids walk away feeling a bit more confident about their future.”

Moloi says she’s come a long way in her life and career but she hasn’t conquered her weight problems, which she has always been open about.

“I’m not gonna lie and say I’m beyond it… I’m up one moment, sometimes I’m down. It is challenging but I do everything I can to maintain myself.”

Moloi also says she hopes to find time to raise a family though she refuses to discuss her personal life in detail.

“I think it would be very special for someone to leave a direct legacy, to leave behind a part of yourself.

“I don’t know if there’s a greater love than between a child and a parent,” she says with a beam.

Perhaps that will happen soon but for now catch Moloi on Power FM, which goes live on Tuesday.

This and That:

  • Grew up in Soweto
  • Matriculated at the National School of the Arts
  • Has a younger brother
  • Says she is close to mom Nana Moloi. “We live three off ramps from each other.”
  • Says she’s a spiritual person who wakes up every morning to pray and meditate before starting her day
  • She spends most of her free time indoors
  • Currently reading Gayton Mckenzie’s A Hustler’s Bibleand Bonnie Henna’s Eyebags & Dimples
  • Hopes to write her own book in the future
  • She would love to act in musicals
  • Had a short temper when she was young but says she has since learnt to control it
  • Is still working on her music album, which she hopes to finish soon
  • Loves travelling and mostly travels alone. Has been to London, New York and Abu Dhabi among other places


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