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Tshepo Mabona Exposed in S.E.X Scandal

Tshepo and Ntswaki

Long-serving SABC TV sports presenter Tshepo Mabona is embroiled in a s.e.x scandal which might cost him his marriage.

This comes after details of his alleged s.e.xual escapades involving his side chick were exposed by the woman’s friends because they thought that the Soccer Laduma presenter was playing their friend.

Tshepo Mabona

The friends said they wanted to expose Mabona after he allegedly made false promises to their pal, including that he would buy her furniture, expensive clothes and take her on exotic holidays.

They claim Mabona failed to deliver on all of those promises, including buying her a bed, and that he “was not even ashamed to sleep with my friend on the carpet”.

Sunday World saw WhatsApp exchanges purported to have been between Mabona and Ntswaki Nomandla, a sales executive at Audi Rivonia, northern Joburg.

Ntswaki Nomandla
Ntswaki Nomandla

The messages, allegedly between the two lovebirds, contain expl!cit content that reads like a p0rn script. Covering a wide range of topics, the texts also laid bare details of romantic dinners and a possible love triangle involving the side chick’s friend.

In one of the exchanges, Mabona and Nomandla reflected on one of their s.e.xual encounters, including how the sportscaster went down on her and how she screamed his name during the act.

Mabona denied that he was dating Nomandla and described the messages as a fabrication created to destroy his good name.

“I’m aware about the fabrication and the intention to assassinate my character based on work opportunities I have been offered. I have had a discussion with my wife that she must expect that my name is going to be thrown in all sorts of mud,” said Mabona.

He, however, confirmed that he knew Nomandla, saying he met her at a car dealership in Sandton, where he has his car serviced.

Tshepo and Ntswaki

“She offered to evaluate my car and give me a good deal if I traded it in. That only went as far as the quotation. I have also assisted her and a colleague of hers with contact details for a guy that works with furniture and beds,” Mabona said.

“It’s laughable that I now moved in and offered to furnish the entire house.”

But Nomandla and her friends have a different take on what they say was an “on and off relationship” with the sports presenter.

Nomandla confirmed sharing the s.e.xual messages with Mabona and said they were sent in early April, two weeks after they started dating.

She accused Mabona of being a player of note who lied about his marital status so he could get her into the sack.

“He stayed with me for three months in Fourways, saying he was separated from his wife and was going through a divorce. I believed him because he never gave me reasons to doubt him. He was always with me,” said Nomandla.

She said things started going south in their relationship when he promised to buy her furniture, including beds and couches, and take her on baecation in Greece.

“But he just disappeared into thin air and did not return my calls nor my messages.”

The woman said her friends warned her about Mabona, telling her he was a player and that he was only with her because he was broke.

She said she never listened to them because she thought they were jealous of their relationship because he was a celebrity.

“That was until he introduced me to one of his guys who makes beds, claiming that he has paid for it. The guy delivered the bed, only for me to discover that he did not pay, and I had to pay with my own money,” she said.

She said every time she called Mabona so he could explain himself, he would drop her calls and later blocked her.

“I realised he was playing me. I want other women to know the kind of person he is so they don’t fall for his tricks.”

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