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Tokoloshe’s séx slave Neville begs for freedom


NEVILLE Tselane is begging to be freed from a séx-crazed tokoloshe that has enslaved him!

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“I don’t want to do it anymore,” said the worn-out
46-year-old man from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

And he said his nightly torment, which has been taking place for half his life –  23 years! –  is the fault of a close family member.

This relative doesn’t want him to have a wife!

Neville said the merciless tokoloshe drains him of his energy every night with its sexual demands as soon as he shuts his eyes.

And every night he dreams of sleeping with women he’s never met. That may seem like normal séx, but he’s tired of it.

Nervous Neville said he can’t get on with people because of his quick temper.

He’s always alone because of the tokoloshe. It doesn’t want him to be with other people.

“I can’t even attend funerals, parties or weddings,’’ Neville said. “I can’t see the tokoloshe, but I’m always scared of it.”

Sometimes it visits him twice a day. Neville can’t have a normal relationship with people as he fights with them. He blames the tokoloshe for his many failed relationships.

He’s tired of the tokoloshe’s séx demands. “I want my freedom back,” he said.

Neville, who is the eldest in his family, raised his brothers and sisters and never expected his own blood and flesh to do this to him!

“I haven’t been home in 18 years because of this. I’m not on speaking terms with most of my family members.”

)Sangoma Mandla Mnqwazi said Neville is haunted by an evil spirit that targets men with soft natures. He should mix ubhuqa muthi with sea salt and bath in it every night before going to bed.

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