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Tips of how to keep your V@G!NA clean


Summer begins to tighten its hot grip on us, many women find themselves having to take extra care of their private parts.

And some have been asking this delicate question: “How can a woman take proper hygienic measures to look after her v@g!na?”


But Dr Tebeila said the v@g!na has a natural scent, and this should not be an issue.“Ladies should not use scented soaps, gels or perfumes to alleviate this smell.


“Because these can be detrimental to the natural environment of the v@g!na and could disrupt the PH levels,” she said.

Nonhlanhla Sibeko told SunBuzz that she has been following methods passed on to her by her grandmother to get rid of an unpleasant odour.

So the People’s Paper asked Doctor Tebatso Tebeila, who is head of medical affairs at Adcock Ingram.

She said: “Women should make use of products designed to clean the external part of their genital areas.

“Or alternatively, just clean water will do. Nothing should be used to clean the inside of a v@g!na as it has a natural self-cleansing mechanism,” said Dr Tebeila.

We spoke to a few ladies, who have gone all out to remove the organ’s natural odour.Some even try to embark on a quest to make the v@g!na smell nice – with perfume.


She said when she was growing up she was told that plain yoghurt and pineapple eliminate the smell. But she found nothing that worked.

According to Dr Tebeila, there are some old folk remedies for an unpleasant v@g!nal odour.

“I have heard of the so-called pineapple-and-plain-yoghurt remedy. But this has not been proven – and therefore I’m unable to confirm this,” she told the People’s Paper.

She went on to say: “Generally, an unusual or unpleasant smell in the genital area is a sign of infection, especially when accompanied by an abnormal discharge and even an itching sensation.”

Dr Tebeila says that when a woman experiences itching of the gen!tal area, she should consult a doctor as soon as possible for an assessment.

Pontsho Tau said: “I didn’t use soap when bathing because my grandmother didn’t want me to use it down there.

“She said soap eliminated the moisture of my v@g!na.”

But Dr Tebeila explained: “The v@g!na is self-lubricated and is naturally moist, unless you have an infection, which will cause the vagina to be dry.

“In that case, it is best to consult your doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat you. The v@g!na is very sensitive and shouldn’t be fiddled with.”

Nonhlanhla Sibeko said she feels insecure about how her v@g!na smells – even though she has been told that it’s the natural smell.

“I’ve seen so many doctors and they tell me that I worry too much. “As an outgoing person, this really gets on my way of enjoying myself without any worries,” said Nonhlanhla.

But she took it upon herself to learn about her body.She said: “There are lot of things that affect how your tulip smells.

“I began to realise that I don’t drink much water and that affects me down there – and sometimes leaves me dry.

“I use to drink a lot of fizzy drinks, and my vagina was dry. But when I started drinking water it became better, so I balanced the two. And now my relationship with my v@g!na is a lot better.”

Dr Tebeila told SunBuzz that all the intimate areas of a woman require special attention, especially the sensitive parts.

“Good personal hygiene includes daily showers, wiping front-to-back and wearing the correct cotton-lined underwear.

“And don’t forget healthy eating, and yes – drink lots of water. “All that will help to keep your vagina in good health.”

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