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Thieves forced to eat raw goat meat including the skin


Five people caught stealing a goat were given a harsh punishment – forced to eat the raw meat including the skin.

Four men aged 20 and a woman aged 37 were bust by residents after stealing a goat in Rholihlahla township, Port Elizabeth on Thursday night.

Goat’s meat, prepared in the right way, makes a wonderful feast but not for these thieves.


After receiving some beating, they were presented with the entrails and even the skin, which they were made to eat.

The owner of the goat, Thembinkosi Mtshayisa (49), told Daily Sun: “On Thursday afternoon a goat owner saw three men chasing my goat into the bushes. She called me and I sent my son to go and see what was going on.”

Thembinkosi said his son went into the bushes and saw the thieves killing his goat and taking it to their shack in a wheelbarrow.

“My son and his cousin followed the goat thieves to their shack,” said Thembinkosi.

“We called other goat farmers because our goats have been going missing since last year and we have even been accusing each other.”

He said he has already lost two goats this month. “When we arrived at the shack they were about to start cooking my goat,” he said.

“Many kids were next to the fire waiting for the meat. Four of the suspects were in the shack and the other two were fetching water from the tap.

“We cornered them and found the meat in the pot and other meat in the house,” said Thembinkosi.

“Residents came and wanted to beat up these evil fakes sangomas. But we only gave them some klaps. Then we forced them to eat the meat before we called the cops.”

A resident said they deserved to go to jail.

“They pretend to be sangomas. They dance and beat drums at night and every week they cook meat,” said the resident.

“Their faces are covered in red imbola and they wear beads, but they are not sangomas at all. They are evil thieves.”

Another resident said these people have been stealing goats since last year.

“They pretend to be performing rituals in the bushes. The two women disguise themselves as senior sangomas but when they go home they get drunk and cook the meat.”

The resident said he became suspicious when he saw them bringing dead goats home in plastic bags. “I decided to inform the goat owners,” he said.

Sangoma Philasande Yoko, chairwoman of the Traditional Healers Association, said she was very angry.

“Sangomas don’t steal to perform rituals,” she said.

Captain Stanley Jarvis said four men and one woman are currently in custody for stock theft and will appear in court today


-daily sun

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