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Ten minutes to remove your braids or else


THEMBILE Mkhize (27) was very excited when she got a job as a cook at the supermarket.Thembile Mkhize _2__135x239_B

She thought her days of selling sweets, “loose draws” and biscuits were over . . .

But she is now living in despair!

This is after she was fired from the Claim Street Spar in Hillbrow, Joburg, because of her braids.

Thembile told Daily Sun that her boss, Maria Papadogiannis, told her she hated her hairstyle about three weeks ago.

She allegedly said that if she did not cut her hair within 10 minutes, she would be fired.

“She told me I should cut my hair short at the back because a customer complained about finding hair in the food,” she said.

She said Maria was happy after she cut her hair short and told her it looked good.

“But last week a security guy from the shop called me and said Maria told him to tell me I should not come to work with braids,” said Thembile.

She said she was already halfway to work when she got the call.

“I went to the shop to find out what was going on, but I was refused entrance to the shop.

“Then Maria came and took me to the office,” she said.

Thembile said her boss reminded her she had given her 10 minutes to remove the braids.

“I told her it was impossible but she insisted,” she said.

Thembile, who has two children aged six and four, was walking home when Maria phoned and said the 10 minutes was up and she was fired.

“I tried to go back the following day. She wanted me to sign a document stating that I had resigned,’’ said the distressed Thembile.

“When I refused she told me I will never get my money.”

Maria told Daily Sun: “She left of her own free will.

“I told her to get rid of her braids and she didn’t come back.

“ Now we are taking her to a disciplinary hearing.”

Emmanuel, the store’s floor manager, confirmed that Thembile was told to change her hairstyle but she was defiant.

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