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Teachers Promising young girls More Marks for S.E.X

Sex for Marks

Some pervert teachers in Venda prey on young girls by promising them high marks in exchange for sex. This has angered the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU).

The union has now called upon the South African Council for Educators (SACE) to investigate the matter and take the harshest sanction against the perpetrators by striking them off the roll to ensure they never teach kids again.

This after a Sunday newspaper reported that an NGO in Thohoyandou conducted a study in six schools in the region and found that 129 pupils had been propositioned by teachers last year.

The report said teachers demand sex from learners in exchange for high marks and other favours.

SADTU general Secretary, Mugwena Maluleke said: “Our education needs to empower our girl learners to know that men have no power on their bodies. Also that their bodies are not a commodity to used buy marks, buy lunch or have hairdo.”

SADTU said It is sad to note that 23 years into democracy South Africa is still a patriarchal society where most men still believe that women are their subjects.

Maluleke said that at one of the schools, eight in ten of the pupils said they did not believe they had power to say no when teachers demanded sex.

At least 25 pupils at one school disclosed that teachers had made sexual advances this year alone.

Maluleke said: “Such conduct, which is done by a minority of teachers, is doing untold damage to the teaching profession.

“Such conduct is clearly not acceptable. As custodians of education, teachers are the last to use this tool, which is meant to improve the lives of learners, to abuse and impoverish them. Teachers serve as parents to the learners they teach, they therefore have a duty not only to teach but to protect them from every form of abuse.”

“We further call upon the branch of SADTU to establish facts if any of those alleged teachers are members of SADTU and take drastic actions against them because the code of conduct of SADTU is very clear about such despicable actions.”

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