Home Scandals Sugar Mama steals Ben 10’s underwear!!

Sugar Mama steals Ben 10’s underwear!!

sugar mama

Sugar Mama steals Ben 10’s underwear!! James from East of Johannesburg is crying after problems have sugar mamacome after he could not find his boxer shorts on the washing line late last year. According to James they stay at a flat him and his girlfriend Natasha. The supposed rich woman or Sugar Mama is their neighbour.

James said his girlfriend informed him of the disappearance of his boxers and that she suspected the Sugar Mama. She suspected her because at 1 point in time the rich woman had asked for James’ presence in her bed for money but the couple had refused. “thats when the problem started, she wanted me and i said NO” Angry James said.


James and Natasha fear the Sugar Mama will use the boxer shorts or underwear for muthi to get even with the couple. Words like “she loves my husband” were flying from Natasha’s mouth. Efforts to get a comment from the Sugar Mama were not fruitful..

Story is developing… More to come….

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