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Sugar Daddy Kills girlfriend for CHEATING


NOLWAZI Zulu’s sugar daddy is said to have treated her like a queen. But he killed her with a panga for cheating.


A cop source told Daily Sun the 46-year-old man confessed to killing Nolwazi (26) last Wednesday, saying she deserved to die for what she did to him. “He said he wanted to kill the lover sleeping in the house he rented, but the lover overpowered him and managed to escape. “This made him kill Nolwazi instead,” said the source.

Nolwazi’s brother Mthobisi Zulu told of his shock at the man’s response when he asked for help to bury Nolwazi. “I begged him on Thursday to help pay for Nolwazi’s funeral. But the monster looked me in the eye and told me to ask her new lover to pay. “He said he spent too much money while Nolwazi was alive –  and he won’t go on doing it now she’s dead.”

Mthobisi (22) said the married sugar daddy hacked his sister to death when he caught her in bed with a man at her shack in Durban’s Cato Crest squatter camp. Nolwazi, from Umzimkhulu in KwaZulu-Natal, had two children with her married lover, and he has children with his wife at home in Eshowe.

A neighbour who wouldn’t be named said he heard the sugar daddy shout at Nolwazi that she had a nerve having sex with another man on his bed in his house. “He shouted that he was going to kill Nolwazi’s new lover.

“We heard her scream but were afraid because the man dared us to come closer, saying he would hack us too if we poked our noses into his business,” said the neighbour. Mthobisi, of Cato Crest, said people told him on Wednesday night that Nolwazi was badly injured.

“I found her lying in a pool of blood with cuts all over her body. I rushed her to hospital but she died before the doctors got a chance to look at her,” said Mthobisi. He said neighbours said they saw the sugar daddy lover leaving the shack with a bloodied panga and gun.

“He told them to follow him if they had a problem with what he had done. “I don’t know what Nolwazi saw in this old married man. I was glad when I heard cops caught him at Eshowe,” said Nolwazi.

Another neighbour said: “He gave Nolwazi everything she needed. He went crazy when he heard she was cheating. “Nolwazi had everything. She lived like a queen.

“The sugar daddy rented a place for her and made sure she got everything she needed while he stayed full-time in Eshowe with his family.

“I think people got jealous of Nolwazi’s life and reported her cheating to the sugar daddy,” said the neighbour. A suspect appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court on Friday to face a murder charge. The case was postponed to 29 May for a bail application. Colonel Jay Naicker said Cato Manor cops were investigating.

-Daily Sun

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