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Sophie Ndaba to play Lerato’s mom on Isidingo


Ousted Generations actress Sophie Ndaba is the latest big name to be added to local soapie Isidingo as it undergoes a dramatic storyline revamp

Ndaba will portray the role of Nkadimeng, the mother of the characters Lerato (Tema Sebopedi) and Kamogelo (Makgotso M).

She was offered the role about a month ago.

“I found out about the role some three or four weeks ago. They called me and said I will be suited for this role. I asked to see the script, read the script and I liked her. Playing a mother is always an honour. Playing a fabulous mother is even better,” Ndaba shares.

Although it’s only a cameo role, Ndaba says she is ecstatic to be back on the small screen following her TV hiatus. According to Ndaba a lot of women from Kasi will relate to the role of Nkadimeng, who is all about the hair, nails and eyelashes.




“Nkadimeng is a woman from the rural areas. She is from Rustenburg. She’s those women who grew up working hard to take care of her family and children. She’s a lady from Kasi, she has worked in retail and always wants to look her best. Even though she can’t afford the big expensive labels, she always goes shopping around for the best knock-offs so that she can look the best ko Kasi. She has the best eyelashes and nails too. You know those women right?” Ndaba points out.

“Nkadimeng will use her last R200 to do her eyelashes just so she can look nice or go to the salon ask the hairdresser to do her hair and promise to pay at the end of the month. She will do anything to look nice and I don’t mean sell herself to men. She also wants the best for her kids.”

With that clear description of the character, many fans of Ndaba’s former Generationsrole of Queen will be quick to point out the similarities between the two characters. Ndaba is also quick to acknowledge the similarities between two.

“A lot of people are going to say her hair is like Queen’s hair. She’s wearing the same lipstick shade as Queen. But what woman in today’s world doesn’t obsess over her hair and nails? She’s a regular girl-next-do. A lot of women ko Kasi are going to relate. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing groundbreaking. Women love to look good,” Ndaba proclaims.

Reuniting with Mfundi Vundla

Ndaba teases that for the rest of the year she will be working on two exciting movie roles that her fans can look forward to.

Although the details are still sketchy, she reveals that towards the end of the year she will be working on a new show with Generations: The Legacy show-runner Mfundi Vundla.

“I’m shooting one of the movies next week, can’t reveal too much. I’m very exciting about that. There is also a show that I will be working on with Ntate Mfundi, where I will be playing one of the lead roles. That will probably happen towards the end of the year or next year. It’s not a soapie at all. I don’t really think that I want to make a soapie my permanent home at the moment. My cameo role on Isidingo is perfect for me at the moment,” Ndaba explains.

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