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HER life of hell began with a dream that she was eating soil.

Now, four months later, this 43-year-old woman from Molapo, in Soweto who prefers to remain anonymous, believes she may have a snake in her stomach.

She told Daily Sun: “I started having terrible stomach pains and I couldn’t walk or eat. I was just in pain. I felt something move inside my stomach so I went to a doctor but he couldn’t find anything wrong with me.”

LMA_Snakes_002_172x239_BShe then decided to go to a sangoma whom she says told her she had a snake in her stomach. She said she didn’t believe it until two more sangomas told her the same thing.

“I have lost my job and I have lost a lot of weight because of this snake,” she said.

She said she constantly has to eat to feed the snake because if she is hungry it starts sucking her blood.

“The sangomas I have been to tried to help me but nothing worked. I’ve seen a woman with the same problem in the Daily Sun get help and I am hoping that I will also get advice,” she said.

Daily Sun sangoma
Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema said eating soil in a dream symbolised death.

“When she ate the soil, that is when the snake got into her stomach. It may have started as a worm and grew to be a snake,” Ntsimb’edlezinye said.

A gynaecologist who didn’t want to be named said the woman could be suffering from a condition known as endometriosis.

“She must consult with a gynaecologist so that she can be tested,” said the gynaecologist.