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Skolopad’s family thought she was possessed by demons after seeing her revealing dresses


Skolopad may have had Mzansi’s eyes all on her when she burst onto the scene wearing a revealing yellow dress at the Metro FM Music Awards in December, but the star’s family were concerned about her and believed she was possessed by demons.

Skolopad told TshisaLIVE that following the awards her family thought she was crazy


“After the yellow dress they thought I had demons and were like ‘What is wrong (with you) now? Are you crazy?’ I told them to relax. I was away but my mother defended me. But my mother also called me and asked me if I was okay. They thought I was crazy,” Skolopad said.


She said her family didn’t understand why she was appearing half-naked in public and did not approve until her rival Zodwa Wabantu also shot to fame with a revealing outfit at the Durban July.

“After Zodwa, my family came again and asked: ‘Don’t you feel threatened by Zodwa?’ My family became fans of Zodwa. Whatever she was doing, they would ask me if I had seen her success and tell me that she was getting more bookings than me,” Skolopad revealed.

Angry and upset, Skolopad confronted her relatives, telling them that she felt doors were being closed because she never had their support.

She said that she had few friends and relied mainly on the support of her daughter.

“She is my biggest fan. She is the one who told me, after I wanted to take a break in August, that I must have a comeback and plan. She is there for me and understands everything I go through. She is also supporting me while I have to do everything alone,” she added.

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