Home Scandals Should I tell my best friend I had S.E.X with his Mother?

Should I tell my best friend I had S.E.X with his Mother?

I had sex with my best friend's Mother

Should I confess to my best friend that I had se_x with his mum? It began when I was just 18.

My friend and I used to make se_xual jokes about all the women we knew. It was all silly immature stuff but, as it happened, his mother was totally hottt. She was 38 and divorced at the time. She was in really good shape and I used to have dreams about her every night.

My friend and I were just joking one day at his house and I said I would love to have se_x with his mum. Then I saw that she had come in and had heard me. I went round to say sorry the next day when my friend was at school. I thought she was angry at first but then I saw she was smiling.

“I bet you’re all talk and no trousers,” she said. It was clear I had something to prove so I kissed her and we had se_x. It was out of this world. I felt really guilty afterwards but she was so hottt and I was just a H0RNY teenager. We promised to keep it a secret but it still felt really weird being friends with her son after that.

It pretty much ruined our friendship, which was a shame. I’m 26 now and I recently got a text from my old friend. He wanted to meet up for a drink. It was brilliant to see him again. I guess he mentioned it to his mum because she sent me a text the next day, asking to meet “for old times’ sake” — which we did. And it happened again!! You won’t blame me much when you see what she looks like…


I had sex with my best friend's Mother

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