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Shorter men tend to have less sex—Weird Facts


1.Shorter men tend to have less sex than taller men. (unusual fact and true)

2. It is in fact impossible for someone to make you happy if you’re unhappy with yourself.

3. ‘WAS IT A CAR OR A CAT I SAW’ is the only full English sentence that, when read in reverse, will be the same.

4. According to researchers, Monday mornings are so depressing that on average, humans don’t crack a smile until 11:07 a.m.

5. The pain that woman experiences while ‘giving birth’ is similar to getting burned alive.

6. The first beer, cigarette and marijuana of every single person’s life was not bought by their own money!

7. After an argument, over 85% people think of all the clever things they should have said

8. Female bed bugs do not have a vaginal opening so the male stabs the female in the abdomen with his penis.

9. Attempting to commit suicide was once considered illegal in England, and was ironically punishable by death.

10. Getting dumped often leads to “frustration attraction,”which causes an individual to love the one who dumped him or her even more.

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