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Sexy Pokello is safe, Biguesas evicted


Zimbabwe’s representative Pokello Nare is safe and it seems she will be able to  make another booty dance in the house.

She was on the spotlight when her sex tape was released on social media and later on when pictures of her bathing nude in the house were released on the Internet. Thus maybe giving her an upper hand on the others that were facing eviction.

Though all housemates bath during shower hour, it is Pokello and fellow housemate, Cleo (Zambia) who have their nude pictures well published on the Internet.

It seems controversy is working well to her advantage and we wait to see what she does next to stay safe. Maybe a sex scene is in order, we all know she is not shy after the Stunner sex tape.

They have also been allegations of her and the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono but we are yet to confirm if that is true or not.

Biguesas evicted

“I would like to be remembered as me, the person that I am. The same Biguesas that I have been since the beginning and even now,” declared Biguesas. The statuesque shy Angolan looked calm and ready for anything tonight ahead of the Live Eviction Show.

But things were not to be as he Biguesas was evicted and we will see if he will be remembered. That meant that the sexy Pokello is safe for now.

This means the game is still on for Pokello aka  Miss Scandal as we have seen her sex tape and now naked images of her shower hour on the internet. This i think has caused house mates like Elikem to be ‘addicted to the sex goddess.

“I think you are a beautiful, intelligent, smart and sexy woman and I plan to take you from your man,” that was the sizzling declaration that Elikem made to Pokello…. Watch out for your woman Stunner…


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