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School asks for police help to ‘tame’ students


A school in Khalanga, Nepal, has been forced to ask the police to help ‘tame its intractable students’, and as many as 50 pupils were arrested ‘for cutting class, spending time in cinema halls, hotels and pool parlours’.

Tribhuvan Janata Higher Secondary School stated it had to seek police help after it failed to ‘make students fall in line’ on its own.

According to Principal Min Bahadur Pun, the school administration was forced to reach out to police for help after most of the students started skipping classes, appeared in school without uniform and got involved in bad habits like doing drugs.

“It’s been about a week since we started this campaign and there are signs of improvement,” said Pun.Tribhuvan Janata Higher Secondary School

While some, including the guardians of the students, have lauded the school’s initiative, saying the move indeed had brought improvement in their children’s behaviour, questions are also being asked as to how apt a decision it was to seek police help to control students and even get them arrested.

Rudra Devkota, chairman of the school management committee, said, “As a matter of fact we did not want to take police help. But we were left with no option. However, we are doing it for the sake of students and their future.”

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