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Scandal! previews for August


THURSDAY 1 AUGUST 2013: Daniel invites Stan to Michaela’s birthday party – with an ulterior motive. Kutlwano kicks Dintle out and she is forced to turn to another family for help. Mlungisi goes to confront Ndumiso, but winds up face-to-face with Kila.

FRIDAY 2 AUGUST 2013: Quinton gives Daniel an ultimatum. Ndumiso goes to face the music with Mlungisi, and Erin sees a sign from the universe.


MONDAY 5 AUGUST 2013: Quinton is conflicted about taking his place in the Nyathi family, while Daniel inserts a spy into NFH.  Dintle manipulates Tino and Erin to continue providing her with a luxurious lifestyle, but are the Martins playing a dangerous game?  Mlungisi struggles with giving his daughter the validation she craves.

TUESDAY 6 AUGUST 2013: Quinton ambushes an NFH staff meeting and Shakira has a leading question for Daniel. Tino and Erin find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when Beverly drops in unexpectedly. Lindiwe has some bad news for Ndumiso.

WEDNESDAY 7 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka receives an unexpected visitor, who shatters her world with an even more unexpected revelation. Gloria thinks the Martins may know where Dintle and Motshabi are and Maletsatsi rocks up at the penthouse to investigate. Mangi’s freedom compromises the happiness of two employees and leaves him wracked with guilt

THURSDAY 8 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka is desperate to tell Ronald the truth about his new fiancé and save him from her clutches, but the woman has an ace up her sleeve.     Dintle employs a cruel strategy in an attempt to manipulate Tino and Erin.

FRIDAY 9 AUGUST 2013: Daniel finds out that Precious has returned, but does he want to bed her again or destroy her? Dintle shows her true colours to Tino and Erin. Stan makes a decision about himself and Morongwe.


MONDAY 12 AUGUST 2013: Shakira and Daniel invite Precious and Ronald to dinner, but they have a sinister agenda. Erin secretly makes questionable plans to ensure she gets what she wants. Morongwe tells Mmadika about a surprising new development in her life.

TUESDAY 13 AUGUST 2013: As Precious’s wedding draws closer, Daniel makes a play for her affections.  But does she still have feelings for him?  A triangle is set up between Tino, Erin and Dintle, but not everyone is in the know about it.  Morongwe has been offered a life-changing opportunity.  But what – or who – would make her turn it down?

WEDNESDAY 14 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka’s relationship with her father shifts through factors which seem to be beyond her control. Shakira makes a threat which Daniel has to take seriously. Mmadika issues Stan with a challenge which would involve him risking all. Gontse is saved from having to perform an unpleasant task.

THURSDAY 15 AUGUST 2013: Precious lures Thembeka to the Newtonian Hotel for a so-called family dinner but with Ronald in Dubai, what does she really want with his daughter? Morongwe tires of waiting for Stan to make a move and makes a serious one of her own. Feeling guilty, Tino does something that may sabotage his and Erin’s happiness with baby Motshabi.

FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka’s attack on Precious has serious consequences, but which woman will come out ahead? Tino and Erin have a reality check about parenthood.  Stan and Morongwe admit their feelings and move past the secret – but now something else stands in their way…


MONDAY 19 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka’s father makes a decision regarding their future relationship which shatters her. Tino has an unexpected experience of fatherhood. Stan finally decides on the way forward for him and Morongwe.

TUESDAY 20 AUGUST 2013: Thembeka tries to blackmail Daniel into helping her out of a sticky situation. It becomes clear that Cameron is battling with a serious crisis in his personal life. Tino and Erin worry that Motshabi could be seriously ill.

WEDNESDAY 21 AUGUST 2013: Daniel engineers time alone with Precious.  But will she fall under his spell?  Kila looks into Joe’s history, and is surprised by what he finds.  Tino and Erin struggle with parenting in secret, and come to an important decision.

THURSDAY 22 AUGUST 2013: Daniel risks all with Precious by making a shocking revelation but isn’t counting on Precious making one of her own. Tino and Erin tell Beverly a version of the truth and are dismayed by the consequences. Cameron has reason to celebrate until he gets home from work to find his aunt waiting with very disturbing news.

FRIDAY 23 AUGUST 2013: When Daniel tries to manoeuvre Precious’s admission of love into something he can manipulate, there are unexpected results. Beverley gives Tino and Erin news which has a huge impact on their lives.  Morongwe and Stan both say their private heartfelt goodbyes and receive some unexpected gifts in return.


MONDAY 26 AUGUST 2013: Daniel is desperate to get his plan with Precious back on track but he faces obstruction from a rival who he realises he may have underestimated. Cameron faces scrutiny from Bronnie’s school, but will his conscience allow him to keep up his deception? Now that Beverley has allowed Tino and Erin to foster the baby, Erin takes steps to ensure that she will be theirs permanently.

TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2013: Shakira gives Daniel surprising advice to assist with his wooing of Precious. The terrifying circumstances of how Bronnie came to be in Cameron’s care are revealed. Erin makes a slip regarding Motshabi’s whereabouts to someone who lives near to Kutlwano.

WEDNESDAY 28 AUGUST 2013: Shakira gives Daniel an ominous warning after he wins over Precious’s heart. Marcel storms into Aunty Vera’s house while Bronnie is there. Tino and Erin make a decision about the way they plan to raise Motshabi.

THURSDAY 29 AUGUST 2013: Daniel continues to woo Precious, but is his attraction to her only an act? With Marcel watching the house, Cameron realizes he needs to take drastic action to protect Bronnie.  Tino and Erin start the thirty day countdown during which Dintle can return to claim her child.

FRIDAY 30 AUGUST 2013: Daniel receives information about NFH which disturbs him greatly and Precious gets news from Daniel which causes her to rethink her future.  Bronnie and Cameron find themselves a new temporary home but perhaps it’s not as secure as they believe. Richard Tsebo pays the Ngemas an unexpected visit and places quite a burden on their shoulders.