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Savage attack on pregnant girlfriend


A MAN (47) has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of his pregnant girlfriend and her two-year-old daughter.attack

The incident in Blydeville Village near Lichtenburg, North West, allegedly happened after the woman, who was South African, refused to move to the suspect’s home country of Zimbabwe with him.

It’s been alleged that the suspect locked his girlfriend and her child in his rented room before stabbing the woman to death and cutting open her stomach to kill the unborn baby. After the incident, the suspect reportedly asked his landlord Olebogeng Gobe (47) to look after his room while he went out for a few hours.

He was later bust trying to leave the country.

Olebogeng told Daily Sun: “Concerned tenants came to me and insisted that I open the suspect’s room because they suspected something bad had happened. We found two bodies and a foetus lying in a pool of blood.”

Olebogeng said he went looking for the suspect and handed him over to the police. “I found him in a car heading in the direction of Botswana. I asked him why he would do such a thing and he said he didn’t want to leave his blood behind in South Africa.”

The victim’s aunt, Sarah Michael, told the People’s Paper: “We used to tell her to leave this boyfriend of hers because he was always assaulting her.

“She wouldn’t listen and said she loved him.”

Two cases of murder were opened at the Lichtenburg Police Station and the suspect was due to appear in court soon.

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