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Sangoma: I AM bankrupt because of EVIL rats

Sangoma: I AM bankrupt because of EVIL rats

“I AM bankrupt because of evil rats!” These were the words of sangoma Nobuntu Nginda (42) of Moeggesukkel squatter camp near

KwaNoxolo township, Post Elizabeth.Sangoma: I AM bankrupt because of EVIL rats

Nobuntu told Daily Sun: “My surgery is empty because the rats ate all my muthi.”

She said the rats chased away her customers and were making her family of five suffer.

Nobuntu said they were also affecting her emotionally as they kept her awake all night.

“I used to consult 20 people or more every day but now no one comes.

“The problem started in 2010 after some people in this area moved to another kasi. If a customer comes, I have to dig muthi in the bush. But the rats eat it and some are as big as cats,” she said.

“These rats arrive at 2am each day and they sound like an idling bus. They want meat and if they can’t find it, they drink my cooking oil. I have to chain my pots to the stove and put bricks on top because they open them. If I poison them, their numbers grow and they become more violent.

“I have consulted several sangomas and they told me these evil rats were sent by people who want to destroy me. I am confused because I have never seen something like this before. I used to get customers all the way from Joburg and Cape Town and there was always food in the house.

“Now we go to bed on empty stomachs sometimes. My furniture and clothes have also been damaged by these rats. They even chewed at my sangoma outfit.”

Inyanga Lagqekreza Dlangamandla said: “These rats are evil and are accompanied by a tokoloshe. She must consult a powerful sangoma because someone wants to destroy her and her family.”

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