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SA Soapie Generations is lacking Creativity


From an irritated viewer:  First basic rule of arts or soapies is to be very creative and our local soapie Generations is lacking exactly that. I don’t know who writes the scripts or who directs the show but I am guessing whoever it is needs to be more open minded and think outside the box.

Over the years Generations have been losing characters for reasons best known to the guys running the show. But I think all that is BS because you keep killing off characters or sending them overseas or sending them to mental institutions (esp. in the latest case with Mawande Character). This not only kill the poor storyline you have but also limits whoever writes the scripts.

Me as a viewer am tired of the poor storyline Generations have to offer they killed interesting characters like Kenneth, Paul, Ajax and his Brother and even Khaphela. Everyone knows that in soapies if the actor quits or has other commitments, new actors or actresses can come in and take over the characters, death or travelling far is not always the answer.

I was reading about Mawande character being disposed of because the actress Nambitha Mpumlwana hadMawande diva antics or was too demanding and I thought to myself, If I was responsible for Generations scripts or the man in Charge, I would hire another actress to replace Nambitha Mpumlwana and continue the Mawande Character. But no the poor and predictable script of Generations always manages to disappoint us.

I wonder if you guys even consider what you have written in the past before you bring in new stuff because characters keep changing from being a good person to a very bad person, like in Khethiwe’s case, one day she is a good lady fighting against women violence, the next she is a killer and a drunk and I am sure the next thing is she will be gone. (VERY BORING).

Point of all this is the soapie Generations needs to improve from all angles and must stop killing the characters because an actor or actress quit. Replace the actor and carry on the character dah!

People remember what they saw, even years ago, once you put that in your head you will know that the script you are writing on Generations is VERY poor and deserves much effort to meet the expectations of the Generations that we saw years ago with the Archie Morokas and Karabos

-very angry viewer……


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