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STUDENT Refilwe Letseku was happy to find a part-time job.

But it turned into a nightmare! Her boss at a fast food place in Sunnyside, Pretoria allegedly made sexual moves on her. She said he touched her buttocks. And then he allegedly demanded a poke! And when she refused, he insulted her –  many times. Refilwe, who came from Limpopo to study, needed the cashier job badly. “At first my boss asked for my cellphone number.NO S3X? NO JOB!

“When I asked him why, he told me that he wanted me to visit him. “I told him that I couldn’t give him my number, but he demanded it,” she said. Refilwe said he phoned her at awkward hours when she was with her boyfriend. She alleged he kept on demanding sex, and when she refused, he repeatedly threatened to fire her.

“When he called me at night, I would give the phone to my boyfriend to speak to him. “The next day he would be very moody and refuse to speak to me,” she said. The unwelcome advances continued. “He swore at me and I would make mistakes. He said I was useless, and if I wanted to keep the job I would have to sleep with him.”

Her days at the restaurant were hell, Refilwe said. “I had enough of his threats. I was tired of being treated like dirt. His behaviour forced me to leave,” she said. The fast food place’s operations manager said the company is aware of the allegations against the employee. “We are still investigating and need more information,” she said. Police said they are investigating a sexual assault case.

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