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Relative turned my son into a zombie


“I WILL not bury the corpse in the mortuary because it’s not my son.

“A relative has turned him into a zombie!” said Ncediswe Dikane (43) of Munsieville, west of Joburg. She was talking about the body of her son Sifiso (15), who died last month.

“Sifiso told me he was going walking with his friends.

“Shortly afterwards, one of them came to say he had fallen out of a bakkie, which ran over him.Sfiso_244x240_B

“When I arrived at the scene, there was no blood,” said the upset mum.

Melita Molaole (18), who was with Sifiso at the time of the accident, said the driver was drunk and speeding.

But the family is convinced something evil has happened.

Ncediswe said: “A relative has attempted to poison me several times. She left for the Eastern Cape in October, but cursed me before she went. Sifiso got into an argument with her and said we believed in prayer.

“I’m convinced she turned him into a zombie because of this.”

Many of Sifiso’s friends said they have seen him hanging around the area, wearing a hoodie.

Keamogetswe Saile (19) said: “When we try to run after him, he runs into the relative’s house, but we don’t follow because we’re scared of her.”

Sifiso’s aunt said the body at the mortuary didn’t look like his and every time they went back, it looked different.

Sangoma Mandla Mnqwazi said Sifiso was a zombie and nothing could be done to reverse it. “The mum will need to buy sea water to induce vomiting and then she must call for her son to talk to him.”

Anyone who can offer the family assistance should call 0118776060.

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