KIDS said they were studying last Tuesday when their English and history teacher beat them for not greeting him.

Michele Ncube (12) said she was humiliated after she asked why the teacher was beating them.

beaten school girl“He beat me with a ruler.”

Michele said the teacher at Lenkosi Community School in downtown Joburg told her to leave the classroom. But before she got to the door he pulled the back of her shirt and buttons flew off.

“He had my shirt in his hands, leaving me half-naked in full view of the whole class,” she said.

“My classmates were laughing. I felt so humiliated.” She said the teacher gave her back her shirt, but punished her by making her clean and polish the classroom.

“I was crying. I was the only one to have this kind of punishment,” she cried.

Michele’s aunt, Nosipho Ncube (26), said she found the girl crying when she went home that afternoon.

Nosipho said she was angry when the girl told her what happened. She went to the school but the teacher had already left.

“The principal was not even there. Other teachers told me that as soon he assaulted the girl, the teacher left. Daily Sun tried to call the teacher but his cellphone was off.

Principal Phaphasi Lenkosi denied the teacher beat the pupil.

He said the kids were playing outside and they started fighting when the teacher came to stop them.

Phaphasi said the buttons were already detached before the teacher intervened in the fight.

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