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Are Post Office workers on strike?


I don’t know what is happening with the Post Offices but i am am very concerned. Are the workers on strike or its just my mails that are coming in late? by late i mean i am receiving letters today that were sent to me in April. I didn’t know that a letter takes more than 3 months to get to someone when its a local mail.

This is very bad for business for companies that send statements every month or maybe its a very good way for the Post Office to make money through their fast delivery systems. Or maybe its just taking advantage that they are the only ones in the business but either way this sh*t needs to be sorted fast.

This happened with the Halfway House Post Office in Midrand and i am pretty sure its the same situation everywhere else. I guess the statement “you just can’t trust the Post office” still remains true. So i appeal to whoever is responsible, if you are tired of providing the service, leave the others to take over. If the workers are on strike, sort out your issues and do not let them affect the public.

See a copy of the note i got from them that was stamped on the 8th of April and i am only receiving it today. I wonder if they still have the parcel there..

Post Office


With it were letter also sent from Edgars advertising mother’s day specials.Imagine today i am receiving them when was Mother’s Day?

Post Office needs to be sorted out and fast!!!!

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