Home Mzansi News POLICE BEAT ME! I spent their dirty money

POLICE BEAT ME! I spent their dirty money

POLICE BEAT ME! I spent their dirty money

POLICE BEAT ME! I spent their dirty moneyFORMER nyaope dealer Josaya Mhlanga (24) from Moloto in Mpumalanga told the People’s Paper that cops beat him up.

He said they did it because he spent the money he made from selling nyaope on their behalf.

In a video clip seen by Daily Sun, Josaya is beaten by three men, two of them in police uniform, while people standing around watch the assault.

Police vehicles are seen in the background.

The attack was filmed on 2March last year and the clip was recently handed over to Daily Sun.

Josaya said cops approached him in 2012 to sell nyaope taken from other dealers.

“They usually brought it at night wearing full police uniform,” he said. “They collected R2500 three times a week but I never got a cent. They bribed me with nyaope.”

He said he suffered injuries to his face, neck, spine, chest, knee and ankle.

They took him to the police station where his father allegedly paid R200 for his release.

The day after his release, Josaya said he went to hospital where his injuries were recorded and then he went to open a case.

But a year later, he said nothing has happened.

“Even today those men are still working for the SAPS,” he said. “Now my life is in danger.”

Josaya’s father, who doesn’t want to be identified, said he saw cops delivering nyaope to his son.

“But now they have gone too far.”

KwaMhlanga police referred Daily Sun to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

Responding to an e-mail sent on Thursday, the directorate’s Moses Dlamini yesterday said: “A case of assault was reported.

“The investigation is ongoing. It should be completed by the end of the month.”

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