Another perfect wedding on Sunday night’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding.

As much as we hate to admit, we like it better when there’s a bit of drama on Our Perfect Weddings.

Not because we like seeing bad things happening to people, but the drama is what makes OPWworth watching, and that’s what also sets Twitter ablaze on Sundays.

Wisani and Khombo’s wedding fizzled on social media, despite the groom’s shiny suit and the bride’s poorly done nails.

No, we’re not trying to find fault in every episode, and like always we’ll give credit where it’s due.

The first credit will go to Khombo’s dress, which was simple but nice and looked perfect on her petite figure. The only disappointing part was her manicure. We have concluded she did her nails while there was load shedding and probably didn’t have time to go back and ask for a refund to fix her nails elsewhere.

The bridesmaids looked okay. Their dresses weren’t something we haven’t seen before – basically there was nothing captivating or outstanding and we are not saying that’s bad, they just didn’t leave us mesmerised that’s all.

It’s rare to find a man like Wisani, who was thoroughly involved in the planning of the nuptials. This groom wanted everything to be perfect and didn’t create any room for mishaps.


Unfortunately, his suit didn’t complement the type of man he is. He went for a navy blue shiny suit. Seriously, shiny suits should never be worn for any occasion, unless you pull it off as a Halloween costume. #ShinySuitsMustFall

Wisani’s entourage looked ten times better than him in their grey and non-shiny suits. So we guess Wisani wanted to outshine his groomsmen and unfortunately, the opposite happened.

Okay, as much as we criticized Wisani’s hideous suit, we are going to be honest with the venue and the decoration. The venue looked absolutely gorgeous! The garden looked like everything you would imagine in the Garden of Eden. The draping had light, energy and looked convincing enough to be found on Pinterest.

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Also, how awkward was it when the couple was reluctant to kiss each other?

It’s not like they’re virgins or anything.

The traditional wedding also didn’t disappoint. The couple incorporated some modern ideas in their Tsonga outfits and decoration. We were truly impressed. What was more interesting was the dancing, especially how the women moved their “shibelane”, demonstrating the origins of twerking.

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