Home Mzansi News People fear political chaos after Madiba’s burial

People fear political chaos after Madiba’s burial


Daily Sun went around to ask the people what they thought would happen to the country after Mandela’s death.MAMA

There were different views as some feared political chaos while optimists felt the people of Mzansi will follow on Madiba’s footsteps.

Ashley Matthew (29) says: “Hopefully we will all unite and stand together to make this country a better place. We need to carry on where Mandela left off. We need to acknowledge his pain and suffering by joining hands”.

A street vendor, Akhona Zulu (26) says: “There will be no solidarity among ANC members. I was disappointed with the people who were booing president Zuma at Mandela’s memorial at FNB. They embarrassed us in front of the entire nation”.

Gogo Judith Blose (73) says: “Every time I think of it, I shiver. Everyone can point out Mandela’s great work. None of the leaders that came after him were able to match his standards”.

Zandile Msomi (27) says: “The country will be set back. Mandela worked for the people while the current leaders work for their pockets. Until the leaders look up to him we will not go forward”.

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